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Sales & Marketing Associate 

As the first point of contact in the sales cycle, you are on the front-lines. We consider the YOUR ROLE essential to the success of our business as your contribution to the sales and marketing feedback loop significantly influences our go-to-market strategy. We pride ourselves on accountability, effort and working collaboratively to create positive outcomes. We understand that these values are essential to meeting goals and exceeding expectations.

What you'll be doing:

1. Build a pipeline of leads and help team members keep a healthy pipeline

2. Pitch decision makers in key and emerging markets via face to face presentations, cold calling, and social media outreach

3. Be responsible for close your own deals and helping team members close theirs

Develop outreach strategies and pitches for different markets and verticals

5. Identify and develop new markets and verticals

6.Assist the Sales Manager in coaching and training team members to help them achieve their full potential

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